Fifty-fourth Legislature                                                        

Second Regular Session                                                          




(Reference to printed bill)


Page 3, strike line 17, insert:

"7.  Conservation of water pursuant to a water CONSERVATION plan"

Line 37, strike "extensions" insert "duration"

Line 38, strike "a water right holder" insert "BEGINNING on the effective date of this section, a person who is entitled to the use of water"

Line 39, strike "at any time"

Line 41, after the second "the" strike remainder of line

Line 42, strike "that are subject to" insert "person who is entitled to the use of water that is included in"

Strike lines 43 and 44, insert:

"2.  A description of all water rights and claims that the person who is entitled to use those water rights and claims is including in the water conservation plan."

Page 4, line 1, after "rights" insert "and claims"

Line 3, strike "have been" insert "will be"

Line 4, after "implemented" strike remainder of line

Strike line 5, insert "as part of the water conservation plan.

5.  A statement that the water CONSERVATION plan is voluntary and temporary in nature.

6.  A statement that the water conservation plan is intended to RESULT in the temporary reduction in the use of water or a reduction in the diversion of water.

7.  A statement that the activities described in the water conservation plan will CONTRIBUTE to the practical and economical management, conservation and use of surface water in the watersheds of this state."

Page 4, line 6, after the comma strike remainder of line

Strike line 7

Line 8, strike "ABANDONMENT or nonuse" insert "the conservation of water pursuant to the plan does not constitute an abandonment or FORFEITURE of the water conserved"

Line 9, strike "prescribed" insert "conserved"

Strike lines 11 through 13, insert:

"c.  A water conservation plan shall designate a duration of up to ten years.  The person filing the water conservation plan notice may file a subsequent notice for some or all of the water rights and claims before expiration of the designated time and may file subsequent water conservation plan notices for one or more periods of up to ten years each.

Sec. 5.  Legislative intent; prospective effect only; clarification

The legislature intends that this act apply prospectively only and that it does not affect vested rights or claims and clarifies that conservation of water as prescribed by this act contributes to the practical and economical management, conservation and use of surface water in the watersheds of this state without affecting water rights or claims."

Amend title to conform

And, as so amended, it do pass







04:55 PM

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