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Arizona Capitol Reports, L.L.C. has provided public affairs professionals with bill tracking and comprehensive information services since its founding as Arizona News Service in 1906.
Yellow Sheet Report:
Yellow Sheet Report
Arizona's best political tip sheet offers much more than political tips.

The Yellow Sheet provides press-level access to state government that includes advance summaries of legislative interim committee agendas, coverage of interim meetings, postings of all state agency meetings, summaries of state agency administrative regulations, summaries and texts of attorney general rulings, Corporation Commission hearing agendas and schedules, texts of news releases, copies as ordered of significant court rulings, agency filings - virtually anything the customer specifies - plus newsclips and the famous "News Notes & Gossip" feature.

The Yellow Sheet Report was traditionally published when the Legislature was not in session (approximately May through December), but now it is available year-round and on-line at You can download a daily hard copy report by 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, view news items posted since your last visit, store items in a personal folder, search and print archived reports, comment on stories and even provide news tips for our reporters. Plus, you will receive daily e-mail alerts of the day's top stories.

Membership is $275 per month.

Arizona Legislative Report
For the professional lobbyist, there is no better source of printed information than the daily Arizona Legislative Report, published by the Arizona News Service since 1906.

The report is hand-delivered to clients throughout Phoenix and mailed directly from the Post Office main dock to statewide and national clients. It is used by law firms and corporations not only to track legislative action but also as a printed archive for later reference and research.

The report is comprehensive and includes floor action and summaries for all bills, complete text of bills and amendments in all forms, committee action notes, bill-finders, status reports, advance committee agendas, indexes of enactments - a complete legislative information package.

The Arizona Legislative Report is published every day the Legislature is in general session. The price is $615 per month with discounts for multiple copies.

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